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      Article 75

      When the labor administration authority of a local People’s Government at the county level or above conducts a monitoring inspection, it has the authority to review materials relating to the employment contracts and collective contracts and conduct an on the-spot inspection of the work premises. Both the Employer and the Employees shall truthfully provide relevant information and materials. 

      When working personnel of a labor administration authority conduct a monitoring inspection, they shall show their IDs, exercise their functions and powers according to law and enforce the law in a well-disciplined manner. 

      Article 76

      Such competent authorities as construction authorities, health authorities, production safety regulators, etc. of People’s Governments at the county level and above shall, to the extent of their respective purviews, oversee the implementation of the employment contract system by Employers. 

      Article 77

      A Employee whose lawful rights and interests have been infringed upon shall have the right to request that the relevant authority deal with the infringement according to law, or to apply for arbitration and institute an action according to law. 

      Article 78

      Trade unions shall safeguard the lawful rights and interests of Employees in accordance with the law and monitor the performance of the employment contracts and collective contracts by Employers. If an Employer violates labor laws or statutes or breaches an employment contract or collective contract, the Trade union has the right to voice its opinion or require that the matter be rectified. If a Employee applies for arbitration or institutes an action, the Trade union shall provide support and assistance in accordance with the law. 

      Article 79

      All organizations and individuals are entitled to report violations of this Law. 

      The labor administration authorities of People’s Governments at the county level and above shall timely check and handle the violations reported and reward those persons whose reports are valuable. 

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