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      Article 47

      A Employee shall be paid severance pay based on the number of years worked with the Employer at the rate of one month’s wage for each full year worked. Any period of not less than six months but less than one year shall be counted as one year. The severance pay payable to a Employee for any period of less than six months shall be one-half of his monthly wages. 

      If the monthly wage of a Employee is greater than three times the average monthly wage of employees in the Employer’s area as published by the People’s Government at the level of municipality directly under the central government or municipality divided into districts of the area1 where the Employer is located, the rate for the severance pay paid to him shall be three times the average monthly wage of employees and shall be for not more than 12 years of work. 

      For the purposes of this Article, the term “monthly wage” means the Employee’s average monthly wage for the 12 months prior to the termination or ending of his employment contract. 

      Article 48

      If an Employer terminates or ends an employment contract in violation of this 

      Law and the Employee demands continued performance of such contract, the Employer shall continue performing the same. If the Employee does not demand continued performance of the employment contract or if continued performance of the employment contract has become impossible, the Employer shall pay damages pursuant to Article 87 hereof. 

      Article 49

      The state will take measures to establish a comprehensive system that enables Employees’ social insurance accounts to be transferred from one region to another and to be continued in such other region. 

      Article 50

      At the time of termination or ending of an employment contract, the Employer shall issue a proof of termination or ending of the employment contract and, within 15 days, carry out the procedures for the transfer of the Employee’s file and social insurance account. 

      The Employee shall carry out the procedures for the handover of his work as agreed by the parties. If relevant provisions of this Law require the Employer to pay severance pay, it shall pay the same upon completion of the procedures for the handover of the work. 

      The Employer shall keep terminated or ended employment contracts on file for not less than two years, for reference purposes. 

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